As we start looking toward the future of what a “post-COVID” world could look like, there is no shortage of good news! The thought of being in the same room, restaurant or back yard barbecue with loved ones and those we haven’t seen in over a year is one that has helped a lot of us through this isolating time.

As we begin to thaw out and move back into mainstream we may find new value and appreciation of people, activities and events that we took for granted before March, 2020. It is almost like as a society we hit a “control-alt-delete” reset button. Hopefully any lessons learned will stay fresh in our minds and we can show up a little more fully.

One concept that we don’t automatically think about as a loss over the last 12 months is the power of a smile. A smile can say so many things to loved ones and strangers alike. It can say “I see you” or “It’s ok” of “Great job!” It can disarm arising conflict or conclude a difficult conversation. When I smile, its as if I am at Peace and am inviting you to share in that space. “Namaste’” (a Sanskrit term that shows respect for shared space) comes to mind.

But we have been without this powerful connector for over a year. When we are pumping gas or at the food store or around others in the workplace, masks have blunted our ability to connect with someone absent any language or sound.

As masks come off this Spring, make sure to set your smile free! Don’t keep it to yourself. This universal sign of communion has been missing for a long time and may just be the secret sauce to jump starting our renewed sense of well-being.

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