Continuing on the singing car theme, Zach’s ears must have been ringing when I blogged yesterday on the “Happy Birthday” rounds we have been singing in the evenings (35,000 ish times since COVID.)

Last night while on our usual drive, it had been quiet for a few minutes (which was awesome, since Zach notices if I skip even one chorus – even if to take a sip of water) when he said in a perfect sentence “Oh Happpy Day.”

“Oh Happy Day?” I wasn’t sure if Zach was thinking of the song which I am familiar with but have never played around him or taught him.

“Zach, you want to hear Oh Happy Day?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said.

So when it was safe I looked it up on Spotify and there it was, the song he was looking for by The Edwin Hawkins Singers. I played it through the car speakers and he seemed to know (even if he could not articulate them) all the lyrics, and he certainly knew the melody.

After the fist time listening to it and singing together, I got to ask him about who taught him that song, where he was, and when? I didn’t get a lot of details but the miracles were twofold:

The first, was that we were having as close to sporadic conversation and “chatting” as we ever have.

The second miracle is that we can add “Oh Happy Day” to the short song list we currently sing from (Happy Birthday, Frosty the Snowman and I’ve been working on the railroad.). It is actually a fun song with a positive message and one Zach genuinely pulled out of his own heart in a spontaneous effort to communicate.

Oh Happy Day indeed!

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