Continuing our chat about self talk and the intention of thwarting “hater-free-for-alls” when we are trying to rest, I suggested a couple of different strategies. Whether we identify three things we did well in a day, or tell our minds to stay quiet so we don’t fully awake if we have to be up during the night (like I was at 2am as Zach needed help in the bathroom) there are tools we can use to combat the negative self talk some of us have made a habit of.

For those of you not inspired to try using those tools because maybe they are too awkward or don’t resonate with you personally, I wanted to suggest another alternative. In Sales, we refer to a tool like this as “K.I.S.S.” Which stands for “Keep it Simple Stupid) so as to simplify messaging of a particular brand or product.

K.I.S.S. in this context is having one go to mantra that if installed will never fail to help keep your mind quiet. It is the mantra of of saying “Thank You.”

Can’t sleep because you are going through the past day picking out all of your faults or mis-takes? Just say “Thank You.” Can’t quiet your mind when you are up going to the bathroom, or awake suddenly without a way to fall back to sleep? Just say “Thank You.”

You can say it once, or 1000 times. Each time it will lead your mind to fill in the blank. It’s like a gun shot start at a marathon. Once fired, you are in full forward motion of choosing a path of mindful gratitude rather than attacking yourself. In the beginning, even this simple mantra might seem odd to you. But give it a try and watch your energy shift from defense to appreciation which almost always increases our chance at Peace.

Need some suggestions? Fill in your own blanks or try these to build your practice:

”Thank You”: That I am alive, that I have heat, that I am safe, that I have free will, that I am loved, that I am healthy, that I am fed, that I have legs that work or eyes that see or a functioning septic system or clean water. Again, as you practice over time you may notice the overwhelm of gratitude for things you never thought about before.

As Oprah says, “Thank You” is the only prayer you ever need.

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