In thinking about grief, and the process of integrating the pain of losing a loved one (child, spouse, sibling, friend, parent, pet, colleague) I realized there are some “truths” that I have come to understand. When I speak with other folks who have suffered profound loss, I notice I am not the only one who has an understanding of certain principles. Recently, it occurred to me that if you have not gone through this process you might be interested to hear some of these truths, even if only to comfort someone else.

Remember the days of “Public Service Announcements” that would hit the airwaves of television? They would temporarily “interrupt the previously scheduled programming” so that something considered valuable to the general public, could be shared, and reach vast numbers of viewers simultaneously.

There are so many facets of grief, and if truly interested in learning more about them, just ask someone you know who has lost a loved one. Or turn to your own experience to reflect on the choppy wake death can leave behind. For now, I’ll share a simple rule of thumb might that benefit the public at large, just in case you have been spared both the chance to support a person who has tragically lost a loved one, and a direct grieving experience of your own.

“Time does not heal all wounds.” Full stop.

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