Reading the Cookie Thief again (poem by Valerie Cox, shared yesterday) reminded me of my own airport experiences. For a few years in a former company I spent a lot of time in airports, especially Atlanta and Baltimore. I used to laugh at the realization that I could fly to Atlanta in less time that it would take me to make the morning commute into WDC from my home in the country.

I was reminded of a piece I wrote, after waiting for a flight from Atlanta to Baltimore in 2016. I named it “We all lose something.” It is longer than the average blog post, but I would like to share it anyway and will post it verbatim, in two parts.

October 2016: We all lose something, part 1

I was in the ATL airport awaiting my flight back to BWI. Having declined the chance to get an earlier plane for the low, low rate of $210 I had a long afternoon ahead and decided to settle in at the airport Carrabba’s and take in some pasta while I absorbed the past couple of days and planned to wind the week down when I returned.

”In my reflection, I was processing the seemingly different aspects of my being: business woman, sales entrepreneur by day, devoted wife and mother of special needs perfect and somewhat fragile son, and lost angels Alexis, Michael and Emanuel,…by night.

”At the table next to me I could overhear what sounded like two colleagues (man and woman) venting about their relationships, or at least one of them.

”I was close to turning to the female of the pair to say “Excuse me, I know this may be bold but I can’t help but overhear your tales of woe in your relationship and wanted to say what your colleague will not: “He‘s (your boyfriend) just not that into you.” – quoting the movie.

”But I did not. For just as I was considering that move, I noticed another couple enter the dining area. They waked past me to get to a booth and I took notice of the petite, attractive female who on second glance, I realized was an amputee, her left arm ended at the elbow. Navigate they did, sat down and began to browse the menu.

To be continued…

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